12 Farmhouse Decor Ideas you can totally DIY

Channel your inner Joanna Gaines with these adorable DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas..  Here at A Luscious Lifestyle we love love love everything that is FARMHOUSE. We found 12 that’s RIGHT 12! of some of the most creative farmhouse styles you will love to implement in your home.  we are officially excited for trash night so we can grab some old windows for our number one DIY on our list…..


1) DIY Giant Chalkboard Calendar

This is a great way to dress up your home. It is the classic farmhouse style and your upcycling something that may have been going to a landfill anyway!   how awesome is that? You can use as a calendar in the kitchen or behind your sofa as an accent piece.

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2) DIY Cotton Stems

I am in love with these Cotton Stems OMG!  I made these in less than an hour.  super simple diy and so much fun to make.  The kids and I even had fun collecting pinecones for the DIY.  They look wonderful in a galvanized bucket as well!


3) Spray Painted Thrift Store Finds

How classy?  At my local thrift store there were numerous items that would work for this project.  and pretty simple to do.  3 coats of high gloss white spray paint and VIOLA! instant farmhouse classiness 🙂 


4) Reclaimed wood and wire baskets

Who doesn’t love reclaimed wood…..  These are so cute, this is on my to do list as my next project.  My husband has some reclaimed wood that I’m going to snag and use to make these.  You could use these like Thrifty and Chic did as planters or another great idea in a kids room or office area and put school supplies or even toys.


5) Embroidery Hoop Wreath

I was stunned to see how easy this project is… a great farmhouse style I can add to my home that wont take me forever to make.  Plus, as an added bonus … if you use eucalyptus you’ll have a lovely fragrance wherever you hang this masterpiece.


6) Industrial Pipe Shelving

I love the reclaimed wood and honestly just the whole entire look of these bad boys!  I love how she used these in a bathroom and I have a smaller master bath and so using these rather than a cabinet will open up the space and make it look larger and add the farmhouse style to match the rest of my homes interior.


7) Easy Log Candle Holders

     I have the perfect spot on my fireplace mantle for this project.  I love the natural wood. I love the texture of the wood and these candles could make any room cozy and inviting.


8) Textured Moss Balls

These topiaries are so gorgeous and the perfect accessories to add to your home.  I personally feel like every room needs a little touch of green whether its live plants or an artificial.  This is a great DIY project to do on a weekend.



9) Rustic Farmhouse Entryway

Now,  This is not a typical DIY in the sense of like a single project and some of our readers may not have a space for this but it is WAY too cute to ignore! The Rustic Charm of this space is so beautiful and hopefully gives you roomspiration (< I totally invented a word here) to do somewhere in your home.


10) Wooden Display Ladder

This is a fairly easy project and Magnolia Market walks you through all the fine details and even gives you ideas on how to style it when your finished.  Dont you just love Farmhouse Decor Ideas! if you have a few tools and some stain you can complete this is in a short amount of time. Awesome DIY project and we LOVE Joanna Gaines and Chip!


11) Simple Spring Greenery Wreath

Here is another DIY from Magnolia Market.  According to their site it only takes 15 minutes or less to complete this one.  I’m pretty sure I could put one of these on every door of my home.  You will just need a wreath wire ring, two types of greenery, scissors and some greenery wire.

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12) Vintage Cheese Grater Organizer

I saved one of my favorites for our last DIY on our list.  I received an old cheese grater from my aunt and re purposed it into this wonderful organizer.  Isn’t it so cute!!!  You can use this to hold wooden spoons or even drop a jar inside to hold greenery.

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